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Gardening is so good for your health!

Gardening is so good for your health!

Gardening is so good for you, according to a new study looking into the role gardens play in mental and physical health.

The report, compiled by researchers at The Kings Fund for the National Gardens Scheme, found that gardening reduces depression, loneliness, anxiety and stress, and can help with conditions from heart disease and cancer to obesity. Gardening was also found to alleviate symptoms of dementia, as well as improving balance in elderly people and giving a sense of achievement to youngsters.

The report’s authors say we could do much more to nurture and maximise the contribution gardens make to enhancing people’s health.

Among their recommendations are that Doctors should build in the positive role of gardens and gardening to preventive health programmes, and consider prescribing gardening as part of general health improvement measures. They also say councils should consider setting up community gardens on local land, and get involved with helping to fund and look after public gardens.