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    Welcome to Scalp Wood Nurseries

    Scalp Wood Nurseries was established in 1975. Situated between the Kilternan Hotel & the Scalp lies this idyllic setting from which to choose your plants and enhance or overall experience.

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    Trees are short, and trees are tall,

    And some drop leaves in the fall.

    Trees are fat, and trees are thin,

    With windows where the sun looks in.

    Trees are big, and trees are small,

    But Christmas trees are best of all.



    Growing for show

    Growing your own food is one of life's great pleasures, and like most good things, it's worth doing well. A great way of measuring your progress is to pit yourself against the old-timers - producers of football-sized onions and metre-long carrots.

    It takes courage to exhibit your produc…

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